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At the end of 2007 I made a posts entitled to the Top 3 popular posts each month of 2007  on I used statistics from Google Analytics  to see which posts were popular in the month in which they were made. I wasn’t satisfied though and I pointed out in the post that entries made later in the month was at a disadvantage of making the list. So this year I decided to hand pick my top 3 favourite posts of 2008 for each month. This blog is about Jamaica an Japan so it’s no surprise that most of those posts were on top along with a few personal posts. Check it out.

A guest post by a true J-pop Fanatic
Annoyed with the Naruto Manga and Anime – quick rant
Tokyo World’s forth most Important city, Number 1 in Asia

Japan launches Kizuna – Experimental Internet communications satellite
HMS Jamaica – Former British Royal Navy Ship
Meet the Smileys – 22 Custom Smileys for

Sign Petition to Help Make Bob Marley A National Hero In Jamaica
Two of the best cosplaying Photoblogs I’ve seen
Doraemon now an Official Anime Ambassador

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Gundam 00 Season One Review
Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Jamaica
The Oldest Company in the World – *hint*…’s Japanese

Tokyo has Secret Underground Warehouses
Masaya Hayashi of Japan Keeps coming to Jamaica for good music
Going to the US on “vacation”

WoOt…tall buildings, mostly white ppl and lots and lots of food!
One Week Left
Finally my home sickness is cured

Computer Generated Girls are coming
Jamaican Store in Tokyo spotted in Top Gear special episode in Japan
Japan Number 1 in Blogging

Usain Bolt is on top of the World!
Kingston Cafe – Sendai Japan
To arms my Otaku brethren!

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Learning Japanese is complicated but not difficult
Erotic Otaku and Anime Subculture
Aalawi – Jamaican Jerk Restaurant in Japan

Jamaica’s second Mobile Technology Revolution – Claro is here
Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid
Funny Robot Fight

500th post and thinking about converting to WordPress
Japanese Scientists have Cloned a Frozen Dead Mouse
Obama City Japan riding on the Barack Obama Victory

Japan: Robot Nation
Nucleus to WordPress Conversion Complete
Nicotine free battery powered Cigarettes

What was your favourite post on for 2008?


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