The Jamaipanese Story

The Jamaipanese Story Book CoverJamaica on the surface seems the complete opposite of Japan. However, if one overlooks the obvious, and takes the time to decipher the core identity of these two great people we begin to appreciate their similarities.

How did Japan; an island nation in the North Pacific enchant the mind of young Jamaican? The relationship started when reading about the devastation of World War II, and how from those ashes rose a modern superpower.

Japan has a strong connection to its rich history and its people are extremely proud of and revel in its identity as a nation. The Jamaipanese Story is born out of the mind of a Jamaican who has a great admiration of Japanese culture, history and resilience. It follows his journey from discovering Japan, blogging about the many aspects of Japan to eventually visiting Japan as part of a lifelong dream turned goal.

This book hopes to inspire and motivate its readers as a practical example of how a dream can become a goal if a deadline is attached.

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The Jamaipanese Story