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Jamaipanese.com started in February 2006 and is the personal blog of Kirk Brown, a young Jamaican from Kingston who has a great interest in Japan and its people. I visited Japan for the first time in September 2011 after launching a plan called Operation Visit Japan in January 2010 which was a resounding success. Kirk now lives in rural Japan as a participant with the JET Programme.  “Jamaipanese” is a candid portmanteau of the words JAMAIcan and JaPANESE hence I call myself and my blog Jamai + Panese or Jamaipanese.

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Topics I blog about

I try to have my own personality shine through as I blog about topics related to my life in Jamaica, my love for Japan as well as my general interests. Some topics I blog about include life in Japan, anime, Japanese language study, photography, anime figures, music, video games, movies, technology, science, and sports.

About Kirk

Kirk is 20 something 30-ish-year-old who spends a lot of time watching anime, reading about Japan, taking pictures and playing video games. I soon realized many years ago that most of my interests (anime, science, video games, cars, Godzilla ^_^, technology etc), originate from or are heavily influenced by a then mostly unknown (to me) Pacific island chain called Japan. Like the typical Jamaican I thought to myself, isn’t that a part of China? Fortunately, I love reading and so I educated myself about Japan on everything from Geisha to WWII to Nintendo to the language, this learning process is still ongoing and I discover and learn new things almost daily. Unbelievably now I live in Japan!

Presenting about blogging, my trip to Japan and future plans for the JET Program at Anime Nation 2014

Must Read Posts

After so many years of blogging, Jamaipanese.com now has over 1000 posts. It may be overwhelming for new readers so I have compiled a list of “must read” posts with a variety of the types of posts on topics I usually blog about that new readers should take a look at:

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