500th post and thinking about converting to WordPress

Many years ago my geekiness flowed uncontrollably and I decided to register a domain and create a blog so that I would have a place to yap about my Japan obsession. Almost 3 years and 500 posts later this blog has grown into a labour of love that I can not live without. It’s nostalgic reading through so many of my past posts and I have been able to meet and socialize with other Japan obsessed young adults. I’ve also met many other friends through this blog, I’ve been inspired by many and even hated by a few. This is my 500th post and although I wish I could throw a huge party and invite all my friends sadly the post will have to do, so many thanks to all who have supported me and my blog and I guarantee there are big things coming in the very very very near future for me and by extension my blog as I will will be intensifying my aim (and dream) to visit Japan as soon as I get some important personal goals behind me. Hope all who read this will stick around for the other 500 posts and more!

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Pondering WordPress Conversion

Right now I use Nucleus as the backend for my blog and when I started this site I was well aware of WordPress but due to my rebellious nature I wanted to be different from other blogs and be powered by a unique and not-so-user-friendly blogging platform that I could geek around with and put my personal stamp on. I know for a fact from experiences with blogs I have launched and helped launched since that this blog would be more popular if I started with WordPress from the beginning. I do not regret using nucleus but I am now now pondering the wordpress switch because of it’s much larger user base, more reliable support, better SEO, superior plugins….and I could go on and on.

My quest for a easy conversion tool or instructions have come up negative but I have found some useful resources that I will be fiddling with behind the scenes. Depending on how successful those “experiments” are I will know if I will be able to convert this blog to wordpress without losing much or a new beginning will be in order.

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12 thoughts on “500th post and thinking about converting to WordPress

  1. I’m also think of switching but I’m a little intimidated by php. If you switch, I am looking forward to reading about your experiences.

  2. @ Tom, look out for the conversion experience next year

    @ Contamination…thanks mate…and as I said in the post…i’ll be fiddling around first (experimenting) before the conversion

    @ Esteban and Stunner…thanks!

  3. @ contamination…hehehe. hopefully it won’t break!…but there will not be any programming. I’ll just be installing and customizing wordpress to meet my needs and trying to convert my current posts without too much headache. I’ll be sure to send you a preview link when i start working on it.

  4. And the address to the test site is? I’m looking forward to trying to break it.

    (I used to be a test analyst back in Australia, I enjoyed bringing the programmers to the bring of tears as I kept on breaking their programs)

  5. Congratulations!

    Just make sure you think about _everything_ before you make the switch. It would suck if you forgot about something important and everything breaks…

    Well, good luck!

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