Japan Number 1 in Blogging

A recent survey found that 37% of the world’s 70 million blogs are in Japanese. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications even more recently found that about 20 percent of Japan’s over 88 million Internet users involved in blogging in one way or another.

After Japanese the next 2 popular languages for blogs and English and Chinese. Blogging is expected to grow more and more in the coming years as many more people write about their experiences in life such as hobbies etc. Companies are also getting more involved with blogging as a way to interact with customers and receive feedback on products, services, promotions and events.

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9 thoughts on “Japan Number 1 in Blogging

  1. Yeah Leon, it’s not like Japanese is spoken all over the world or anything. That’s pretty amazing, but will change shortly.

    I wonder if this includes message boards.

  2. A lot of Japanese communicate decently in written English; Bloggers who are looking for more traffic or are just interested in social-networking could do well by visiting the blogs of some Japanese bloggers and dropping comments.

  3. That’s amazing. But I expect Chinese to surpass Japanese in the not to distant future in terms of bloggers.

    I think I doubt these statistics though. They may be true but I also find it hard to believe. Maybe fewer Americans have actual blogs because they use Myspace more and maybe they are not counting Myspace.

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