Official Dragonball Movie Poster

The rumours finally became true as as I blogged about recently in seems a Draganball live action movie is coming from Twentieth Century Fox. The movie is expected to be released next March (Friday the 13th). The poster featured Canadian actor Justin Chatwin who stars as Son Goku in an orange suit holding a powerball with the Japanese character Kame which means turtle on his back.

I really really really don’t know what to expect from this movie, but I know I am looking forward to it and hoping it doesn’t suck (too badly) but a part of me knows that there is a 90% chance it will.

Looks like a Just got a second birthday gift next year seeing that Resident Evil 5 and now the Dragonball movie is set to arrive on the same day 5 days after I turn 24. Oh shit I forgot all about Dragonball RN.

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Anybody else looking forward to this movie and were/are you a fan of Dragonball, Dragonball Z or Dragonball GT?

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15 thoughts on “Official Dragonball Movie Poster

  1. wait guys, lets just wait for the trailer to come out, then we will get an idea of how they manage to pull this off. In the mean time I am definalty looking forward to it, same year transformers 2 will come out.

  2. I am not trying to make myself and my petition/site great and famous and I the last thing I want is to insult somebody, but FOR ME if if you are a true fan you should be protesting this AWFUL PIECE OF NIGHTMARE FOR EVERY DB CREATOR AND FAN!



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