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Sleipnir is a web browser from Japan based Fenrir & Co a software company from Osaka. Recently an English version was released after being only available in Japanese for many years. Sleipnir currently has about 100,000 users but intends to capture a bigger slice of the worldwide web browsing market from Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Sleipnir Web Browser Logo

I downloaded Sleipnir and took it for a spin around the internet block and while it has no revolutionary features it combines quite a few features from other browsers mainly the thumbnail view from Opera, but one of the best features I have found is the ability to switch between Trident and Gecko layout engines. Trident is used by Internet Explorer and Gecko is used by Firefox. While this functionality is regularly used by me in Firefox via a plugin it would good to have that feature built in to Sleipnir and I am thinking about replacing Avant as my backup browser with…you guessed it…Sleipnir.

Jamaipanese.com being displayed with Sleipnir (Gecko engine)

Who or what is Sleipnir?

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Sleipnir is from Norse mythology and is the name of Odin’s magical mount and the greatest of all horses. Sorry Mozilla but if there was ever a one on one battle your fox is no match for this Scandinavian badass.

Sleipnir English Hompage
Japanese browser maker takes on IE, Firefox


5 thoughts on “Japanese Web Browser – Sleipnir

  1. ok but i dont intend to switch to Sleipnir knowing that i use firefox and used to it and no need to go to another browser as long as im protected from viruses and downloads are fast. so it would attack IE and maybe bury it but it cant win the most burned master of the interwebz(my opinion)

  2. this browser looks good, although I wonder how good is it against safari.

  3. It’s not open source only supports microsoft

    major Fail

    Fire Fox open-source works with everything

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