Jamaican Store in Tokyo spotted in Top Gear episode

Fellow otaku and Japan blogger Louis from xorsyst.com made a post called bullet train vs car a few days ago that caught. It was about a special episode of popular British car enthusiast television series Top Gear and a special show they shot in Japan in which the pitted the Nissan GT-r against not only against Japan’s bullet train but it’s entire public transportation system. Being a Japan fan, a car fan and a big Nissan GT-r fan via my past colour changing paint and Tokyo Motor Show 2007 posts I decided to download and watch the Top Gear episode so I could get a higher video quality than the youtube links posted. It was a great episode where I got some insight into Japan, the Gt-r and enjoyed the antics of the hosts, but the real excitement came when about 50 minutes into the show in one of those cool aerial panning shot sequences of Tokyo when my eyes picked up…..not just the colours of the Jamaican flag but the flag itself on the front of a store in Japan…albeit for less than 5 seconds -_-

Cool isn’t it? I wonder if any reader who reads this post could find and snap a picture of this store or other Jamaican stores or Jamaican exports to Japan and send them to me?


7 thoughts on “Jamaican Store in Tokyo spotted in Top Gear episode

  1. Just goes to show you that cultures are truly global.

    Did a bit of searching, and it seems the phrase "all round" is used to mean "specialty". So that may be a Jamaican specialty shop.

    But I believe there may be also a brand/style named "All-Round" (clothing).

  2. It must just be that it is a video shot but the buildings and cars look like fake models. You have a good eye to catch the flag though.

  3. There’s a Jamaican bar in Ueno. I don’t live there anymore, but maybe someone else could get a shot for you.

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