Aalawi – Jamaican Jerk Restaurant in Japan

The Tokyo Food File feature in the Japan Times has a great new feature on a Jamaican Restaurant own by a Japanese man in Ebisu, a section of Japan’s capital city Tokyo. Very well written and interesting article, yet another place for me to visit in Tokyo when I eventually visit.

Feature Excerpt

Aalawi – the patois way of saying “all of us” – is a simple, laidback place, with comfortable retro cafe furniture and Red Stripe beer posters on the wall. Owner-chef Toshiyuki Ibayashi lived for over a year in Jamaica, and he has re-created the easygoing ambience and robust cooking of the roadside eateries found across the island. He’s also brought back with him a dynamite recipe for jerk chicken, the spicy barbecue that has become Jamaica’s de facto national dish…read full feature.

Jerk Chicken, Rice ‘n’ Peas and a cold Bottle of Red stripe Beer

Big thanks to Tokyo Tom for emailing me a link to this feature. Tom was also kind enough to send me pictures of another Jamaican restaurant in Sendai Japan called Kingston Cafe a couple weeks ago. Hi5 to Leo’s Japan Food Blog who made a short review post of Aalawi early last year.

Bob Marley, Jamaica related posters and live music via the Internet from Jamaican reggae radio station Irie FM at Aalawi in Tokyo Japan

Any other Jamaipanese.com readers who live in Japan see any Jamaica related or influenced attractions, stores, events, fashion etc please feel free to contact me with pictures and in my appreciation you’ll get you very own post like this!

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7 thoughts on “Aalawi – Jamaican Jerk Restaurant in Japan

  1. Nuff respect to Mr.Toshiyuki Ibayashi for his Aalawi Jamaican Jerk Chicken Restaurant.Indeed,Mr.Ibayashi is definitely fascinated by the Jamaican culture and its delectable epicurean and gastronomical delights,in the form of the celebrated jerk dishes and cuisines,by creating a little bit of Jamaica in Tokyo.Wishing Mr.Ibayashi the best in his entrepreneurial activities with AALAWI.Also,as a J’CAN, it s extremely pleasing to see the Black Green and Gold in Tokyo, and the Japanese,et al,embracing Jamaican music,beverage and of course food.BIG UP Mr. Ibayashi, and again,nuff respect!!

    1. interesting question. I’m not sure if there is a reason or if it is so much a Jamaica thing. I know there are different cuts for chicken depending on what is being cooked and with Jerk for example we keep the leg and thigh attached and and the breast and wing attached.

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