From my other Blogs….Second Edition

This is the second edition of a monthly recap of interesting posts from my photography blog and my video game blog.

August was a great month for taking pictures, I started out with a picture of a Hippopotamus I took when I visited the Washington DC Zoo, along with pictures of Flamingos and Panda Bears I think his (or her) smile will be with me forever and completes my exotic animal collection (for now). It was summer and I was out and about taking pictures of events, the main one being Jamaica Independence Day celebrations 2008 but I also managed to shoot a crazy clown at the Denbigh Agricultural show. I discovered a love for aeroplanes (airplanes for you Americans) while reviewing the many shots I took a few months ago on my trip to and from the states. Last but not least was my dream of owning a compact point and shoot camera, for now that dream involves the Sony Cyber-shot T500 Compact Cam.

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Lots of posts on Infidel Gamer and I wont be able to cover them all in this synopsis. I have high expectations for Star Trek Online and give my two cents on the problems some fans are having with the art style for Diablo 3. I own a one but I am not interested in playing anime and other movies on the Nintendo DS. I changed the theme on Infidel Gamer but there is still a lot more customization work to be done but the post I am most excited about is that I am building a new desktop PC!

I can’t do anything with half a PC -_-

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