Otaku Prime Minister of Japan possible

Prime minister of Japan, Yasuo Fukuda, officially announced his resignation yesterday because of the limited political muscle his Liberal Democratic Party wields in the Japanese parliament. A front runner to replace him is Taro Aso a well known manga fanatic, otaku and pop culture icon in Japan who lost out to Fukuda in the previous leadership race for the party leader when Shinzo Abe also resigned.

Stocks in Japan’s manga publishers, cartoon animators, toymakers and a variety of other pop culture-related shares exploded into life yesterday as the market pondered the possibility of a “comic-friendly” new prime minister. Taro Aso who is currently Minister for Foreign Affairs was instrumental in making the anime character Doraemon a cultural ambassador.

If it’s one thing I realised and my blogging pal and fellow otaku Louis pointed out is the Japan changes prime ministers rather frequently. The longest serving PM of Japan I can remember is Junichiro Koizumi.

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3 thoughts on “Otaku Prime Minister of Japan possible

  1. Hooray! I hope an otaku PM will mean even more cultural ambassadors. Naruto teaches the tea ceremony, Luffy gives a demonstration in the ancient art of No, and Kenchin teaches the basics of bushido. I can’t wait.

  2. Yes, this is true, Japan does change Prime Ministers frequently as well as other government officials. This is a positive however as it signals a healthy democracy wherein there is no ‘leader for life’ system. It forces people to be honest about their chances of getting away with certain indiscretions.
    To answer the point of having a cartoon, um ‘sorry’ manga loving Prime Minister it could be positive for the industry in general however I don’t think the personal predilections of the Prime Minister will have a large bearing on policy. This said, I would like some feedback on this topic, it might be interesting to see where it goes.

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