Kingston Cafe – Sendai Japan

I made a post recently about a Jamaican store I spotted while watching a Japan themed episode of Top Gear and at the end of that post I made request to readers of my blog who are in Japan to snap pictures of any other Jamaican store they see in Japan and send those pictures to me. I am happy to now write that Tom from Tokyo Tom is the first to fulfill my request and has sent me some great pictures of a Jamaican cafe in Sendai. Looks like Sendai more that deserved it’s spot on my list of the 3 places in Japan I would like to visit.

Send me your pictures

A big thank you to Tom for sending me these pictures and if any other readers who live in Japan see any Jamaica related or influenced attractions, stores, events, fashion etc please feel free to contact me with pictures and in my appreciation you’ll get you very own post like this!

Like me Tom has a couple blogs, they are: Sendai Photo blog, Daily Japan Photo Blog, Tokyo Tom and Toms Art Gallery.