From my other Blogs….First Edition

I like blogging and in the 2 and a half years since I started this blog I have learned a lot and recently started 2 more sites, a photography blog to track my progress in one of my newest and favourite hobbies and video game blog because I spend I’ve spent so much time playing video games in the last 10 years that I need a place to file away my thoughts on my experiences playing them.

This is the first edition of what will most like be a monthly recap of interesting posts from my other blogs that will start only on but will also be posted on my other sites if successful.


Not many posts on my photoblog this month but I was lucky enough to have a photo of a Zenaida Dove I took a while back featured on a poster the local National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA). Guess what the poster for?…….Bird shooting season…how ironic. I also made posts featuring pictures of animals I saw while I was overseas in June at the Washington DC national Zoo, there are a few shots of Panda Bears and Flamingos! Lots for animal themed photos coming in future posts.

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Infidel Gamer

Quite a few posts on my video game blog mainly because last month featured E3. The biggest news is how disappointed I was with Nintendo’s E3 2008 press conference but my disappointment was soothed by lots of Resident Evil 5 goodness and made a detailed post about my excitement. As the month went on I got another shot of RE with a new trailer of Resident Evil Degeneration from Comic Con, concrete information on the upcoming Gears of War movie and Star Trek Online looks as if it will finally be a reality as it’s picked up by a reputable developer of MMOs.

ooh my gosh a Panda!

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