Cloud of Steroids cover Julien Dunkley

It’s 10 days to the Beijing Olympics games and this isn’t my originally drafted post for this occasion, but the biggest topic now at home in Jamaica and on the minds of fans of Jamaican Athletics worldwide is did Julien Dunkley really do the unthinkable and one of few Jamaican athletes tainted with the poison of drugs?…is it a mistake and his “B” sample will clear his name?….because if it really is true and Julien Dunkley really has tried to cheat with drugs and brought down the name of Jamaica he will face the wrath of our sports loving nation especially at a time like this when we have not just some of the fastest but THE fastest sprinters…both men and women in the world right now.

Julien Dunkley – image source

No one has been officially confirmed as the culprit but all clues currently point to Julien Dunkley and the steroid has been confirmed to be Boldenone which is intended to be used only by horses!. He placed 6th in he 100m at Jamaica’s National Olympic Trials last month and was on the team as a backup 100m runner and 4x100m runner but is now missing from the official list of athletes set to participate in Beijing.

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15 thoughts on “Cloud of Steroids cover Julien Dunkley

  1. The test had better be wrong. I’ve read about the battery of tests those bad mind Americans put Asafa through. This won’t make it better.

  2. The first Jamaican caught for Steroïds?? What about Patrick Jarret then…this guy was doing testosterone while training under, what a surprise, Trevor Graham… I think his fluke 9.99 still stands as his PB…

  3. @ Gordon….same thing my co-workers said

    @ Leon….my gut feeling tells me they are right

    @ Ikvam….thanks for that correction…post edited accordingly

  4. Actually, there are no confirmed reports from JAAA or IAAF that Dunkley is the athlete who tested positive for drugs. We, I mean you all, are assuming this because of how the newspaper articles have been written, and because he was dropped from JA’s Olympic team with no explanation (2+2=4, right?). I’m not condemning anybody tho cuz hear what? I’m one of those nuts who believe in intl conspiracy theories. How come suddenly a Jcan athlete tests positive for a banned substance this close to the Olympics? We were doing such a damned good job of intimidating our opponents too! Too good a job, perhaps? Maybe someone got intimidated to the point where they needed to bring us down a notch? Think bout it…

  5. Damn if he be guilty … think it is time you rise up a that samurai sword again we may be needing … cause any how him guilty ……

  6. when you consider that Dunkley was formerly trained by Trevor Graham, who coached Jones and Gatlin and Ben Johnson, I am not at all surprised. I am also puzzled as to why he didnt just take the drugs and run for the US since that is where he lives, trains and has served in the US army. It is uncanny, however, as Ruthibelle says that a Jamaican athlete tests positive so close to the olympics and when we are doing so well. I do not leave it to lab personnel to spike an anonymous urine sample hoping it would be one of our top named athletes.

  7. Hi,

    Interesting. I just wanted to add that the notion of the "unthikable" to which you make reference may only be sentiment, in real terms. There are, as yet, no real way of determining what is going on with drug taking and our sports programme, at least no one on the inside (JOA, JAAA) seem able to articulate a meaningful position for ensuring that this is appropriately addressed. This does not mean drug taking occurs, just that there is room for those kinds of comments in the current atmosphere which obtains re this matter.

    See my "Letters to the Editor" entry, at:

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