The three places in Japan I would love to visit

Yes it’s known that I am Japan enthusiast, but where will I go when I someday finally realise my dream and can afford a trip to Japan? These are the top 3 places I’d like to visit when i go to Japan, probably not in one visit but you never know ^_^.

Sendai is a large city of over one million people and is located in northeast Japan. My first internet pen pal was from Sendai and photography was one of her hobbies. She used to send me some great pictures, at least 3 every week from Tohoku Bunka Gakuen University (which she attended) as well as various pictures of her surroundings and the city of Sendai in general. It is through talking to her that I realised why Sendai is referred to as the “City of Trees” and it has connected with the nature lover in me every since. I hope to visit there some day (camera in hand). I remember when I first started to study Japanese and me sensei was asking where in Japan everyone would like to visit, when it was my turn and i answered Sendai she was quite startled and asked me why I wanted to visit that country area, I was too shy and unable to proper explain then but I hope to explain to her properly someday (thats if she doesn’t read this post before that 0_0).

Sendai City Official Site

Kyoto‘s inhabitants number over one and a half million and is located in central Japan. Kyoto was the the capital of Japan up to 1868 before it was changed to it’s current location “Edo” and then renamed Tokyo. Kyoto to me as a foreigner and from what I have read is like a permanent time capsule and offers a peek into life in Japan from years past mixed with the metropolis the city has grown into over the years. Geisha, monks, temples, gardens, museums, festivals, shrines and other interesting tourist attractions are offered by the city and if and when I visit I am sure there will always be things to see, do and experience. Nintendo‘s headquarters are also in Kyoto and of course I will have to carry out my duties as a Nintendo fanatic by carrying out a “pilgrimage” to the source of so many of my favourite games *_*.

No surprise there huh? What kind of otaku would I be if I didn’t want to visit Tokyo. The Tokyo I refer to is more than “just the city”, I refer to Tokyo the “metropolis” which is the most populous urban area on the planet, I wonder how it will feel to be among thirty five million other people. I want to experience as much as Tokyo has to offer as possible, go everywhere and see everything (that is humanly possible -_-)! Central Tokyo is broken up into various urban centers, such as Shinjuku, Ginza, Shibuya and Ikebukuro just to name a few. Ideally I’d want a couple hundred thousand US dollars to go shopping it Tokyo, but thats not possible right now but I can just imagine how the geek within me will go crazy in a giant multistory electronics or department store, I probably will need to be pinched every few steps to keep from passing out from all the blood rushing to my head.

Well thats it my post on “The three places in Japan I would love to visit”, fits in well with the theme for my blog. One resonates with the nature lover in me, the other with history and beauty and the third is the otaku holy land ^_^. I wrote it specially for a competition daily blog tips is having. Wish me luck and thanks in advance to those who will vote for me!

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  1. Found you via the Top 3 project. Having been to Japan three times now, I’ll warn you that the first time, you are in sensory overload, and you don’t so much sleep as collapse every night.

    It is an amazing adventure, but so very, very draining.

  2. Hi, I am living in Nagoya, Japan now. If I may suggest, if you have the chance, maybe you should visit the northern part of Japan like Hokkaido.

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