Dragon Ball RN, a dragon ball dōjinshi

Growing up I was a big Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z fan but for me the series went downhill after the Freiza saga (though I continues to watch) and many of the movies were lame and downright corny at times. The dragon ball series is one of the godfathers of the of manga/anime and continue to have a large following however and the latest fan made dōjinshi. Dōjinshi are self-published Japanese works, usually manga or novels. They are often the work of amateurs, though some professional artists participate as a way to publish material outside the regular industry.

“Several years have passed since Goku mysteriously vanished with the Dragonballs, the Earth and its mighty warriors have been at peace. Gohan has retired from his duties of being a fulltime superhero; the Great Saiyaman and is desperately trying to balance his life between his family and work, spending much of his time dreaming of his past glory. Vegeta faces a new disturbing force which he has never seen before, and which he has no idea how to handle… complete peace. Due to the lack of new rivals and adventure, he has settled into a very relaxed family life. What will Earth’s mightiest warriors do when a new evil rises? Will they be able to save the Earth from this new, evil presence that lurks over the planet? Faces of the past linger behind the shadow of a new evil, bound to shake the grounds of reality forever! Goku, where are you when we need you the most!?”


Chapter 1 is on the official site and is worthy of a trial read.