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If you don’t know now you know, I am a Nintendo Fanatic. I am a big fan but not only of their games but of the entire company itself, it’s transformation over the years, it’s ability to bounce back when everyone had written it off especially after the fall of Sega, it’s constantly high quality of products released, it’s revolutionary ideas and Samus Aran (my favourite game character). Nintendo is a very successful company but how many people know that it began operating way back 1889 selling playing cards and that it even dabbled in businesses such as taxi services and “love hotels” before settling down to produce some great toys then eventually going into the electronic gaming business? Nintendo is an inspiration and a perfect of example of starting out small and reaping success after years of hard work.

Nintendo Headquarters in Kyoto Japan

I currently own or used to own every nintendo game console or hand held device since the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES or FAMICOM). My most recent purchase is my Nintendo DS which is selling like hot bread and is set to surpass the Game Boy as the greatest selling Nintendo System of all time. The Nintendo Wii is the next system I hope to acquire soon but over 7 months since it’s release the wii is very difficult to find and has already sold (not shipped) almost 7.5 million systems worldwide at the time of this post and sold 600, 000 in the first week it was released in North America alone. Nintendo has sold quite a few systems and games in it’s time with 7 of the top 10 best selling console games of all time and 4 of the top 10 selling franchises (Samus’ Metroid series is ranked in the mid 30’s).

Oh, I’ve been posting up a storm and forgot the Museum Video >_>

One of the men responsible for the successes that Nintendo now enjoys is Hiroshi Yamauchi. He took over in 1949 and transformed Nintendo into the company we know and love today. It’s worthwhile to mention that Yamauchi-sama is the third richest man in Japan no wonder he could refuse to accept his retirement pension, which was reported to be around us$9 million to us$14 million, feeling that Nintendo could “put it to better use.” There are quite a few more interesting personalities involved with Nintendo that if I start writing about now I’ll still be at me PC this time tomorow. Whew my blogging muscles are tired this has got to be my longest post ever, took me over an hour. If you read it through thank you (Γ£Ββ€šΓ£β€šΕ Γ£ΒΕ’Γ£ΒΒ¨Γ£Ββ€ Γ£Ββ€Γ£Ββ€“Γ£Ββ€žΓ£ΒΒΎΓ£Ββ„’), if you aren’t already a Nintendo Fanatic like me I guarantee you’ll be one after reading this post ^_^

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12 thoughts on “Temporary Nintendo Museum

  1. WoW didn’t know you love nintendo .. its a pitty you dont love them as much as me.. I’v been with Nintendo for like… forever :P all gamers need to thank nintendo, without them gaming wouldn’t reach this far.

  2. well i’m not really a nintendo fanatic lol sorry,however this is quite interesting and it seems like you’ve put alot of work(noting the research) in your post,i admire that…

  3. "we would like to play" Nintendo is an awesome producer for a lot of games. I’m not a big fan of games @ all but when i do play its Nintendo. wii is wicked and a work out.

  4. Hooray, another Nintendo fan. We’ve been reducing in number since the PS2 ha. I’m hoping that by Christmas I get to buy a Wii. Tried the impossible task to get one last December, that failed so miserably. This is the first time a Zelda game has existed and I not played it within 2 months of release.

  5. Yeah yeah yeah… thanks for the history lessons but PSP all the way ..but hey to each his own right

  6. I never know Nintendo deh bout so long. In the museum i was wondering what playing cards have to do with Nintendo. Then i realize that they have been making toys long b4 they were making games.

    I still heart my PSP. I haven’t gotten a chance to really explore Wii. Parents still don’t know i sunk almost $400 (red steel and console) of the money i am suppose too be saving for school.

    I like Nintendo still…. maybe in the future i will get a DS…. just because i can draw on it.

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