Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid

The 2008 Olympic held in Beijing China was a spectacular once in a lifetime experience but as the games move unto London in 2012 the process for selecting to host country for the games in 2016 is already underway. The four cities shortlisted earlier this year that are now competing for the honour are Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo.

The logo takes the form a traditional Japanese knot called the “Musubi”

Tokyo is currently slightly ahead of Madrid for a chance to host the games and feel it may come down to those two cities. It’s interesting though because the fact that the games were in Asia in 2008 and will be Europe in 2012 will somewhat work against both applicants but I think (I am no proffessional nor member of the International Olympic Committee) Japan will get the nod because it would be f’ed up for one continent to get the summer Olympic games two times in a row.

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The host city of the Games will be announced 11 months from now at the IOC Session to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on October 2, 2009. Stay tuned here updates even if Tokyo isn’t successful.

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  1. nice but in fairness i think back to far east is an unfair thing. i know the Japs wud put on a great show and a well run event but I do believe Rio will be the most fair place; also Brazil will have just hosted the 2014 FIFA world cup so they should be in a good position "infrastructurally" to do the Olympics. Sorry USA and Spain…if I can remember watching an Olympics in your country during my short lifetime, ur out. Altho Barcelona 92 was great.

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