Japanese Scientists have Cloned a Frozen Dead Mouse

The line between science fiction and reality continues to be blurred more and more. Recently a Japanese team of scientists at the Riken Center for Developmental Biology successfully made a clone mouse from braincells of a mouse that have been frozen for 16 years.

The mouse on the left is cloned

I don’t know how anyone else feels but this is some freakishly scary shit especially when I read how scientists are hailing this breakthrough as it means that it may be possible to bring back animals like the Japanese wolf, the Mammoth (remember the frozen one that was found?) and even….wait…for…it.. Dinosaurs!

I don’t fear progress, scientific discovers and I am not overly religious. What I fear is what goes on behind closed doors that the general public is not aware and we don’t know where this technology will end up, what will be (or already have been) cloned that was once dead. Maybe I am overacting..but all I know is that my unborn children and their children will grow up in a very very different world.

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6 thoughts on “Japanese Scientists have Cloned a Frozen Dead Mouse

  1. Surely, one is extremely supportive of science and technology in a general sense.Also,one is not a LUDDITE.Nonetheless,a host of ethical and moral issues will be unleashed or unfolded with the application of this new science and technology.Interestingly,I can see all the religious zealots/Ayatollahs and thir sundry lawyers/hired guns ready to wage war or do battle with respect to the unintended or unanticipated consequences of this new science and technology.Interesting times lie ahead.

  2. xD i hope this advances fast enough….16 years is a long time…besides i’d like start on my clone by age 60 lol. Thats very interesting and u guys are right the moment the line is crossed the religious community will have their say..but i believe if that does happen then the possibilities far outweight and world opinion will change if it can and most likely will save lives…

    lets hope its nothing like ‘the sixth day’ ^^

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