One Week Left

Yup three of my four week trip has already been swallowed by lots of fun and adventuring. For the last 2 weeks I have been in a little town called Culpeper in Virginia spending time with my brother, his fiance and friends. It’s much slower than New York but still fun.

I lost my camera charger sometime during the trip from New York to Culpeper but I finally got a replacement yesterday at Curcuit City. I have a few days left here and then I will be back in New York by Wednesday to finish off what has been a great trip.

Can’t wait to start blogging again and catching up on the tonne load of work thats piling up. Hopefully the Next time I blog will be either when I am back in New York or Back at home.

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  1. Star,if you are like me, you may need a vacation to recover from the original vacation.Relax and enjoy the trip.

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