WoOt…tall buildings, mostly white ppl and lots and lots of food!

I arrived safe in NY and I’ve been here now for a day and a half and I am loving it. Took the subway and went to Manhattan today, walked around snapping pictures and doing a little shopping. I have met one of my brothers for the first time and was almost squeezed to death by the tightest hug and the most kisses I’ve ever gotten by my sister I’ve not seen in 8 years. Lots of fun so far, it’s late though and I can’t think straight to type much…i’m soo tired…check out my favourite picture from today.

The Empire State Building


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10 thoughts on “WoOt…tall buildings, mostly white ppl and lots and lots of food!

  1. Hahaha "Mostly white people" XD Maybe when I go back to Tokyo I should post an update: "WoOt… too many buildings, mostly asian people, and lots and lots of food!"

  2. nice photo.. next time try going lower. i’m not telling you to go prown on the street.. (though I’ve done it for the sake of the "shot") however get lower for shots like this.. It does more for the photo

  3. Thats an awesome picture sir, hope u had a wonderful time yesterday :o) Enjoy VA & be safe :o)

  4. @ taylor…thanks for the tip but this photo was just a random shot…i didn’t really put much effort into it and had to crop out all the ugly stuff.

    @ everyone else…THANK YOU!

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