Annoyed with the Naruto Manga and Anime – quick rant

The Naruto manga series and it’s anime adaptation is one of the most popular series not only in Jamaica but in the entire world right now. Naruto video games, memorabilia and other merchandise is pure gold at the moment and Naruto character Cosplayers overrun every popular Anime Expo, but my all seeing otaku eyes sense doom for the Naruto series on a whole because die hards like me are starting to be disappointed as my feelings are shared by most of my anime/manga loving friends.

The Naruto Anime

You could almost hear the celebrations of my otaku brethren worldwide when it was announced in mid 2006 that the Naruto anime was returning after a long break with an addition to the name and a promise of a continuation of the story, and in February 2007 Naruto Hurricane Chronicles was born. It started all well and good but after the first couple exciting episodes and the hype wore off I came to realize how lackluster the animation and artwork was with very few exceptions. The episodes are long and drawn out, the music although of similar quality but so overused it looses it’s freshness quickly (akatsuki theme) and I swear to God that every time I see blowing trees, hair, clothes or dust I want to punch the monitor because there are so many of those damn windy scenes!

It’s obvious the anime series is being milked and stretched out for all it’s worth and it’s frustration for long time watchers like me who are used to the story moving steadily each week, complete with high quality themes and musical scores, excellent animation and art which all comes together for a fulfilling experience.

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The Naruto Manga

Although the anime quality was getting worse each episode I would always look forward to my Naruto manga fix every Friday morning but alas due to recent developments in the manga’s story it seems I might have to start looking elsewhere to soothe my addiction. I may just be bitter but I really don’t care but how could they kill off my favourite character! So many other characters are “dispensable” but they had to choose “him” to kill and he died so lame, crying like an old bitch, I mean come on…ever heard of going out with a BANG!…instead he went with a splash -_-.

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My other problem is how Sasuke centered the entire story has become and how lame Naruto (the character) continues to be. Sasuke is like super powerful, showing off tonnes of new techniques, mature, killing off or beating bad guys by the dozen but instead Naruto is skipping around with friends in a coat wielding a slightly improved technique he learnt 200 chapters ago……RASENGAN!!!!!!…..lame -_-

*end rant here*


34 thoughts on “Annoyed with the Naruto Manga and Anime – quick rant

  1. Thanks for referring to my post on anime conventions. :D

    I love Naruto, though it is annoying, especially the fans complaining about the English dub. I see nothing wrong with it. People just don’t like changes… I’m also annoyed by the fact that I have 10 volumes of the manga to catch up on. :(


    I totally feel the same way you do abt Naruto right now and i am just hoping by some miricle Jiraya is not dead.

    As for Naruto’s Rasengen, he needs to learn to throw that thing at least give it some range. That was what i thought he was going to do when i saw the disc form of Rasengan a few chapters back.

    If Itachi dies in the next chapters I am failing to see continuing the whole thing. Recently its been feeling like its abt to end and i just don’t understand what the crap going right now.

    The only thing then would be for Naruto to fight Sasuke and if Sasuke has the Mangekyou Sharingan there is no way for Naruto to win except if Akatsuki gets the Kyuubi first.

  3. *kiss teet* The series is basically "Sasuke" now. As basically everything is focussing on him. I just want him to fight Itachi kill that bastard and Sakura to put a beat down so hard on him he’d cry for his momma and regret being a p*ssy and leave Konoha.

    *ahem* Sorry but I had to let it out.
    I knew they were gonna kill Jiraiya, it was eminent seeing as he was Naruto’s mentor and in stories like these the mentors always die. He did go out like a bitch though *pissed*
    I wish they’d show what Hinata can do. *itches* There has to be some purpose she served in going on the mission with them right?

    Kishimoto is taking his time with the managa (probably due to his contract) so I lay off the chapters for a few weeks and then catch up and repeat.

    during that time I jus focus on a different anime.

    Have you seen Baccano by chance? It’s pretty damn good for a 13 eps series.

  4. Naruto had long supplanted DBZ as the king of long, tediously drawn-out battles. Every half hour episode feels like an utter waste of my life.


    God, I need to stop.

  5. @ Justin…yup everybody realising now -_-

    @ Stunner…half yuh life gone!

    @ Tevor…Liar!

    @ Linknoir…sad but true -_-

    @ The Ren….all about Sasuke, thats the complaint of everyone. Baccano or Bokurano? I will google it

    @ Volt…so many million Naruto addicts like us need help -_-

  6. It kind of sucks how Naruto has only a few special abilities and he kept using those for the entire story.. I mean come on, give him some new abilities so it doesn’t get boring. All Naruto does is clones and rasengan

  7. Not Bokurano, that’s different (I havent seen it yet, but I heard it was quite depressing)

    Baccano is a weird story dealing with the mafia and people seeking immortality with a interesting trail of events, it’s really fun…and very bloody.

    Try looking it up on that’s where I watch most of my anime and then some.

  8. bleh.. I watch it. i"ve fell way behind on the manga for this particular shounen jump release title. I plan to pick itup soon though. So much to do so little time to do it.

  9. @ Ren, thanks for that recommendation, from what I read it is very interesting.

    @ Taylor…trust me there are never enough hours in the day -_-

    @ Leon…yes Leon…J-man dies a horrible death

  10. Perhaps Kishimoto is running out of ideas? I’ve always wondered if he actually has an entire storyline planned out, or if he makes things up along the way. I definitely agree that the Naruto anime has suffered in terms of quality and here’s hoping that the series won’t stall or have to go to another filler arc…I actually want to see the Kakashi Gaiden become animated soon!


  11. Naruto started off great, but now it is fizzling out. Bleach is way more interesting because you never know what is going to happen. I already know how Naruto is going to turn out.

    My problem with Naruto is that Kishimoto blatantly ripped off most of his ideas from Hunter X Hunter, which is a far more superior anime and manga. Now that he is running out of ideas to copy, the manga and anime is starting to suck. You are still a young buck so you probably haven’t heard of it, but you should check it out.

    In Naruto’s defense, I think that Sasuke is boring because he is way too emo. He barely has a personality. At least Naruto shows some emotion.

    Good post about Naruto though. Check out my blog when I post about Bleach, Gantz, and Hunter X Hunter.

  12. I agree, Naruto is loosing it’s appeal. Long drawn out episodes, each situation more life threatning than the last, lame depressing theme song translation. It seems some Hollywood types have got their hands on the rights to the little knuckle head. I’m moving onto something else. Thanks for the memories Naruto.

  13. I’ve been a long time fan of both Naruto and Bleach, but man both are slacking. Naruto’s just not worth waiting a week to see absolutely nothing, especially knowing the manga still has some highlights for a few more plot twists. And I’m still trying to recover from the Bounto arc in Bleach *shudders*

    Oh well I guess I can go back to some favorites, Cowboy Bebop, Chrono Crusade Hellsing, FMA, and Trigun still pump me up when I rewatch them

  14. Naruto is what you get when the creators see dollar signs and nothing else. That and the English dubs leave *much* to be desired.

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  16. Sigh.. Naruto. The more i read it, the more Kishimoto annoys me. Ever since Itachi died its like WTF? He keeps gettign power upgrades.

    Admittedly he doesn’t have Orochimaru inside him anymore and that wierd ‘white snake’ thing.

    But now he gets owned. And he has to Bit Karin to be healed instantly and get up to fight again…

    Now he’s a vampire?? WTF?

  17. I know that Naruto is really popular both here in Japan and around the world. But the thing I don’t quite understand is a Ninja in a bright orange outfit.

  18. I couldn’t agree more. Naruto has become very lame,it’s as if Kishimoto has become bored with the story and is being coerced to continue.

    First, you kill all the favorite & most interesting characters (Oro, Jiraya, kakashi, pein, akatsuki, etc) and leave the lames (Guy, and all the other lames not even worth my time typing)

    Second, the story is increasingly inconsistent and immature. Why is it that Naruto can defeat just about anyone? It has been inconsistent from the start & I understand that he is the main character but it’s now just ridiculous.

    No new moves, same old i must protect everyone crap…kids are the future BS. Naruto is just getting silly to watch.

    Kishi has ruined Naruto, and it will only go downhill from here. unless they transport to some alternate universe or some “revive the dead jutsu” brings back all the cool characters & do away with the lames..

  19. This post was started in Jan 2008 Sojobo, when the manga was starting to get boring but right now it’s freaking awesome!What’s really lame is the anime, they’re stretching the three-tails arc way too much and the story is jst crap (I totally hate Yuukimaru, he should get killed coz he’s such a whiner). The manga is like atleast 100 eps ahead of the anime but we’re still being fed pathetic fillers each week.GRRRRRRR. Bleach seriously lacks twists like Aizen’s betrayal thez days (I don’t consider Inoue’s 100th kidnapping a twist,maybe the writers do). Anyone know some good animes worth watching apart from thez two?

  20. I need help :( im a reallyyy big naruto fan ive seen all dubbed up to 220 and im on shippuden and ive seen them well not all of them because yknow i have to wait every week for a new one to come out and its really annoying :( And i dunno if its coz naruto was the first anime i watched but i just cant seem to get it to anymore :( Any Advice? :D god its like being addicted to smoking LOL :P

  21. im anoyed by low naruto quality some episodes even [eek] well they needd to make lesss fillers to consentrate on real anime making

  22. Naruto=over 500 chapters about sasuke being a traitor. I cant belive it takes so many chapters just to see narutos and sasukes final fight. Because thats all that naruto is about nowdays. And youre right almost every single cool character is getting killed…DAMN YOU KISHIMOTO!!! T^T

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