Jamaica’s development continues to be helped by Japan

A very good friend of mine who knows all too well of my Japan obsession threw me a link early this morning. It’s news that puts a smile on my face and teaches me a lot about Japan’s contributions to Jamaica’s social and economic development over the past couple decades.

Interesting Facts in Article

Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) and Japan Overseas Co-operation Volunteers (JOCV) focuses on poverty reduction, security improvement, conservation of the environment, marine engineering, enterprise development, health care, technology programs, natural disaster prevention, HIV/AIDS education prevention programs, skills training and the expansion of domestic water supply. It’s a great read and goes into great detail about each type of assistance providing statistics on the tens of millions of $US Japan has spend through various organizations ad programs over the years that has done well to uplift Jamaica….read full news item

took this photo a while back with my new cam! info on my photoblog coming soon

Hi 5 to Japan for all it has done and continue to do for my country and although my blog focuses more on the geeky, anime, music, tech topics related to Japan I think highly of the country as a whole and follow all these not so interesting topics. My respect for Japan grows more each day and I can’t wait for the day I am finally able to visit!

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7 thoughts on “Jamaica’s development continues to be helped by Japan

  1. Justin: Oh, it is. Japan’s history post WW2 is full of charitable overseas donating – to the point where in the late 80s/early 90s, less developed Asian nations were demanding more giving from the Japanese, which was a key factor in the "bubble economy" shock of ’91.

  2. That is certainly a good geture from the Japanese gov. and we really need all the help we can get! Hmm, i wonder if they would be generous enough to donate a 2007 Honda civic to me?

  3. Yep Japan’s JICA and JOCV are all over. Guess they’re just a little less loud than let’s say the US Peace Corps, USAID, DFID, the EU and so on.

    Jamaipanese….you’ve failed to mention i notice that u took that pic from your office building….and the flag is there are the Japanese embassy is right over your head. Hmmm in that case, your trip to Japan shud be a cinch to arrange…lol.

  4. @ Justin…it sure is

    @ Mike…i see you are a reading up as well

    @ Stunner…you never know, they may be kind enough to do that as well…rofl

    @ Kurt…I did mention that some time ago here :P

  5. Good work Japan. You can tell that they truly want to help, instead of USAID, which only gives to us to improve their image.

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