Cherine Anderson a Rising Jamaican Star

My post is mainly about Cherine Anderson, a beautiful and talented Jamaican actress/songstress who has grown and evolved over the years on Jamaican entertainment scene. I like her music and she has played excellent roles in movies the most memorable being Dancehall Queen and One Love.

Cherine co-stared in One Love with Ky-Mani Marley

Britney Spears ft Cherine Anderson – “Piece of Me” Reggae Remix

I know what you are thinking, a Britney Spears related post on!?!? Britney has been in the news for all the wrong, crazy and downright weird reasons for the last few years and I will not even get into details on those. I really wish Cherine had sang on this track instead of DJing but the song has grown on me and big up to Sly and Robbie for an excellent trackI wonder if it will blow up? Visit Cherine’s Myspace page to listen to the piece of me remix and click here to see the original song’s video on youtube.

Cherine on the Rise

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Lately Cherine has been making massive strides on the local and international reggae music scene with a string of solo and collaborative hits and to me is ranked right up in the top five best female entertainers right now with the likes of Alaine and Queen Ifrica. Songs like “Good Love“, “Cookies” and “Coming Over” are massive hits here Jamaica all well deserved and excellent songs.



10 thoughts on “Cherine Anderson a Rising Jamaican Star

  1. well I have to check out that song with Cherine and Britney, thats pretty interesting. Me & a couple of my friends are planning to watch One Love this evening, I love that movie dearly. Good to see another woman still rocking a fro like me!

  2. I listened to the track although i am not a fan of Britney i must say i really like this. The tune is hot and Cherine Anderson is definately the most amazing thing on the song. I love the fact that she switching it up singing now Dj-ing . She is definately one of the most dynamic female artist in Jamaica right now.

    Justin i dont think we have to worry about Cherine surviving She has enough talent to stand up to some of the best singers out in R&B right now… maybe they didnt allow Cherine to sing on this song because she would make Britney look like she not trying hahahahaha

  3. wow wow versatile Ms. Anderson doing it big. Cherine is probably the most refreshing female artist fi come ina reggae fi a while now

    Mi still think Jamaica sleep pon one a di biggest tune she put out last year Kingston State of Mind not surprise if deh tune deh buss a foreign and come back and run di place

  4. @ Lilly I hope you and your friends enjoyed the film!

    @ Neil…hey…she is mine!!!!!

    @ Justin, naw, this "exposure" to Britney is different

    @ Tanisha and Jason…thanks for visiting!

  5. I had read about a few of these things on other sites but they didn’t go into as much detail. Thanks for the posts.

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