Naruto anime back now as Naruto: Shippuuden (Huricane Chronicles)

The long wait is over!!!! Rejoice fellow Naruto freaks because our loyalty shall be great! albeit only coming once a week -_- ooh well. The first episode is a one hour special as promised (actually 46 minutes and 39 seconds :P) and it does a good job reintroducing us to the series, updating us on whats been happening and then drop us off drooling with a cliff hanger, in this case being Naruto and Sakura’s rematch with Kakashi (who reminds me so much why he is the boss I might add).


Yup It was in the middle of the night last night while playing Voyage Century Online and getting sleepy I brosed over to a few anime sites to see what was happening with the new Naruto manga, it was then that it hit me that the animated version of Naruto was out, seaching around like a wild beast on the net I could only find an untrasulated version but I didn’t mind I thought of it as “language practise” and I liked watching it without the subtitles and I think that I will now redownload all the episodes so far and all future ones so I can listen to and try to translate what is being said.


Anyway I have been reading the manga weekly so what i saw wasn’t a complete surprise but so much much more easier on the eyes that black and white scanned pages. Emagine when the real action starts! I’ll be prancing around like a cheerleader once more (did I just type that?). Go check out the episode and even if you have never watched Naruto now is a good time to begin!

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9 thoughts on “Naruto anime back now as Naruto: Shippuuden (Huricane Chronicles)

  1. Bwoy.. it sure took long enuff with the fillers. I think the last episode of Naruto I saw was like 130 something. It just started coming in like a after school special grrrr…..

  2. Meh, i watched the fillers until close the end then it started getting boring. As soon as the new ep was out i downloaded it

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