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2007 was a good year for I’m waiting for the stats for the entire year to come in before preparing a post detailing the traffic stats on my blog. Until the I have written up a post detailing the top 3 popular posts each month on according to Google Analytics. Although entries posted earlier in a particular month had a better chance of standing out I thought that since I have been getting a lot of new readers recently this post can provide a path to some interesting reads on my site.

Summer 2007 must have tech item – Apple iPhone
Two words that describe me – Japanophile and Otaku
Japanese emperor Akihito celebrates grandson’s birth in New Year’s poem

Naruto anime back now as Naruto: Shippuuden (Hurricane Chronicles)
Japan’s Empire of Cool
What would I buy with US$120 million? – A F-22 Raptor!!!

300 Movie – An action packed showcase
Cricket World Cup 2007 – Opening Ceremony Pictures
Proud to be a Caribbean National – Cricket Worldcup 2007 Opening Ceremony

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Joost (beta) – My Review and Free Invites!
A Man Among Wolves – National Geographic Channel
My Celebrity Look-alikes

Claymore – a Silver Eyed Witch Festival for Anime Lovers
Heroes season finale
Joost goes Live – unlimited invites

Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori to Join cast of Heroes
8 Random things about me
Seirei no Moribito – Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Dragon Ball RN, a dragon ball dōjinshi
Frozen baby mammoth found in Russia headed to Japan
10 tech disappointments, with cool names – according to Cnet

Anime Ground – anime, manga and drama archive
How to Tick People off, try at your own risk ^_^
X-Seed 4000 – building this is possible in my lifetime

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Nightmare – Raison detre Claymore anime opening theme, video and lyrics
Jamaicans Vote Today – who will win PNP or JLP?
Claymore figure – some say Claire, others say Clare; I just want this Statuette

My Friend and Aspiring Model Latoya
Guardian of the Sacred Spirit Review
40th Tokyo Motor Show 2007 October 26th – November 11th

Samus Aran Cosplay
Alicia Keys American Music Awards 2007 Performance
Japanese Fashion Influenced by Crime

Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailer
Entrecard –Β  A great blog promotion Tool
2007 Miss World Competition – Well done Yendi Phillips


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