Riyo Mori to Join cast of Heroes

Yay! My excitement for the return of Heroes this Fall just doubled with the announcement that the beautiful Japanese national and Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori will be joining the cast of the show and possibly as a love interest for my favourite character Hiro Nakamura.

Less than a month after being crowned Japan’s first Miss Universe in nearly half a century, Riyo Mori is hoping to land another job with the popular TV show “Heroes” in the United States. Back in her home country after winning the Miss Universe 2007 contest in Mexico City last month, Mori said she has been swamped by cameras and has been doing interviews and appearances “nonstop.”


But Japan’s newest star said she won’t be able to savor her homecoming for long. She will soon be hitting the road again with her $250,000 pearl-and-diamond studded crown. “I’m only here for a week, then it’s back to New York” and a tour around the world, the 20-year-old dancer said in an interview Monday. “It’s funny because I’ve never been surrounded by so many people, so many cameras. Japanese people never cared about beauty pageants before. But this is a huge thing in Japan now.”

Mori said she is hoping to devote herself to her new role which includes acting as a spokeswoman for AIDS issues and is also looking for a possible role on the TV series “Heroes,” broadcast by NBC, which has rights to the Miss Universe pageant.

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