Samus Aran Cosplay

Samus Aran is my favourite female character and one of the baddest video game characters in general. He powersuit is what her extraordinary but also makes it extremely hard for fans to reproduce her look for cosplay events.


No simple cloth and headband costume here like Ryu from street fighter and them other basic characters. A couple fans from Sweden, with much effort, has managed to make the best Samus Aran costume I have ever seen.


More Images @ pixel Ninja

[ Via – Samus Central ]


17 thoughts on “Samus Aran Cosplay

  1. I just realised that her hair is actually pretty damn close to the official design. I’m even more impressed now.

    I expect that Zero Suit Samus will be a popular costume in the future, mostly because it’s so simple. Although you have to have a pretty incredible body to pull it off…

  2. or is that classified? [sob] it would be great if you could tell us how to make one [smile] right?

    1. She made it outta cardboard, and spray paint, shes a real artist, the helmet is a motorcycle helmet, with a green visor, but, in an interveiw, she says this, “I couldn’t see shit man!” I can’t remember who interveiwed her, but yeah, I dunno what the flexible parts are, maybe they are like, the shtuff you get from a floatie, who knows???

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