Heroes TV Series Biblical Character Comparison

This is the point where I planned to make a first impressions post on season 2 of Heroes but my twisted mind has hatched another plan and I have thought of something out of the ordinary. As all fanatic Heroes fans I am always trying to predict the next twist in the story of this popular show but so far there have been little or no patterns to follow in the story and Heroes is the type of show that not even if a bullet pierces your skull, death is still uncertain.^_^. This post took me a week to write, hence its length -_-. So I either have too much time on my hands or I am just enjoying Heroes, I have found an interesting comparison to make, and it involves the characters with biblical names in the series!

Biblical Noah
Righteous man instructed by God to build and Ark and save his family as well as one male and female of every living thing of flesh. All of the people of the world are descended from him and his family and he lived to be over 600 years old.

Heroes Noah
Noah Bennet better known as the horned-rimmed glasses guy might not have gone around collected male and female animals but he is known to catalog persons who have developed special abilities and in the latest episode (episode 9 of season 2) there is a chance he is now immortal. He gets crazy when it comes to his family and although he made the list of my least favourite Heroes characters midway through last season I now realize the nature of his character and I assure you, he is off that hated list, the final scene is episode 9 of season 2 is one of the craziest scenes in the entire series.

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Biblical Gabriel
Described as the chief messenger of God, the left had of God and sometimes the angel of death itΓ―ΒΏΒ½s believed that Gabriel is the highest ranked angel.

Heroes Gabriel
Gabriel Gray better known as the Sylar started out as a character shrouded in mystery and was developed throughout season one into one of my favourites. He is the leech of the show and steals the abilities of other evolved humans making him one powerful badass. Looking at how Sylar has grown I still think he is good he just probably got dropped on his head one time too many as a child, and after growing up with the kind of mother he did who wouldnt be a little crazy? He believes strongly that his actions are for the greater good and with the large body count Sylar has piled up already (his mother included) there is no doubt that in this series he brings death wherever he goes. Sylar puts the cool into serial killing.

Biblical Adam
Adam is the first man created by God, he named all the animals of the earth, got Eve as a companion made from his rib and afterwards disobeyed God by eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Heroes Adam
Adam Monroe is a really old guy making him the first evolved human. The life giving nature of his blood (Im guessing because he has limited ribs his blood was used instead? -_-) and his turn to the dark side being influenced by a woman (bracing for at least one feminist comment) he loves tied him up well with Adam dont you think? Now all thats left to do is eating from that damn tree ^_^.

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Biblical Peter
It is hard to dig through the religious cloud that surrounds Peter but it is believed that Peter was the leader and most important of the twelve disciples. He is always present at important events involving Jesus. Poor guy died a horrible death though as he was crucified upside down by the Romans. Another interesting bite of information is that the Basilica named after him is the most prominent building inside of Vatican City.

Heroes Peter
I’ll admit that this is my weakest biblical comparison but there is some meat of the bone of my theory as it relates to him. Peter Petrelli so far is the most powerful evolved human. He has grown from a sheltered male nurse into quite the stud. Sylar is busy going around piling up bodies but Peter is going around piling up panties, too bad he is related to the cheerleader because for a time in the first season she was in his crosshairs ^_^. The series evolves around Peter more than any other character and his ability is to mimic the powers of any evolved human he has come in contact with. If abilities could be described as nuclear weapons then he is in an arms race with Sylar and fans of the series are looking forward to the final showdown between the two that is being hinted at so often.

So there you have it, my ramblings on Heroes for all to see. This post now takes over from my Nintendo Fanboy post as the longest post on my blog.


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