2007 Miss World Competition Results

So I was dug out of bed earlier than usual on a Saturday morning by my little sister who wanted a screaming partner while watching Miss World 2007. As it turns out I enjoyed the show and I had my beautiful women from all over the world. As expected I had my bets on my two stereotypical favourites: Jamaica and Japan, but as the program went on Poland, Trinidad and China looked as If they stood a chance to win. The Japanese and Polish contestants were the first to illuminated and then I got super excited when Jamaica, Trinidad and China made the top 12. Only to be shouting at the screen 5 minutes later when Jamaica fell out of the race and didn’t make it to the top 5.

Her motto is “Life is short so do everything with wholehearted commitment; love life and live in love!

So the top five turned out to be Mexico, Trinidad, China, Sweden and Angola. No disrespect to my Swedish brethren but Miss Sweden looked and acted completely out of the loop as if she was rising a series of “buck-ups” (series of fortunate events) as we yardies would say. It then came time to choose the top 3 and I seriously thought that China couldn’t win but would place 2nd or third and that my Caribbean neighbor would take home the crown but to my surprise PRC won with Angola and Mexico following.

Miss World 2007 Zi Lin Zhang of China

Seriously though Jamaica’s contestant was seriously well rounded and attractive and she could have easily been the one wearing the Miss World crown right now. Well done Yendi, you have made Jamaica proud.

Such a seductive pose, plus she is not as flimsy as some of the other contestants