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Anime Ground is one of the premiere distributing sources for high quality anime files. They are currently offering over 18 GB of content available for free via speedy direct download to anime fans. If you are an anime fanatic like me you know that torrents are the main lifeline to get our anime fixes and most of the major anime translation and distribution sites create torrent files which we then use to download anime for free. Torrents are not always very good though because they dependent on other users having the file you want to download and seeding it so that you the leecher can download it. Unfortunately at times when there are not many people with the torrent file you want torrents can be slow, time consuming and at times totally unusable. The free anime downloading services offered by though are all direct download. Along with a free anime section AnimeGround offers over 5 terabytes of direct download anime for only $9.95/month! With my 5 megabit connection that I could chew through most if not all of that in a month. All popular new, old and hard to find series like Claymore (one of my favourite anime), Naruto Shippuuden, Romeo X Juliet, Strange Dawn, Sin in the Rain, Only yesterday and many many more. You can always try out their free anime service first and then consider upgrading to their premium service, their active forums are also a great place to go and interact with fellow anime lovers. Animeground‘s archive is one of the biggest anime, manga and drama archives on the internet and with free downloads and a cheap premium option you can not go wrong.

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