The 2007 World Championships in Osaka Japan has begun

The 2007 IAAF World Championships in Athletics 2007 have started in Osaka Japan and already Jamaica has been up front and getting lots of attention. Athletes such as Asafa Powell and Danny McFarlane have already started to kick up a media buzz after just the first day. Osaka Japan is a whopping 14 hours ahead of Kingston Jamaica so while I am watching reruns today’s action the sun is already rising on the second day in Japan. I’m chronologically confused just blogging about it so for now I’ll just work with Jamaica time ^_^. Tomorrow will be even bigger than today with more on track Jamaica action especially from the ladies. I cant wait.


To check out some of the top Jamaican athletes who are expected to be in the top finishers in the championships check out my previous post on the games.

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7 thoughts on “The 2007 World Championships in Osaka Japan has begun

  1. Hey Asafa looked awsome 10.01sec in the second round and he trot the last 30-40m. Gay however looked flustered was not relaxed at all.

  2. just as i feared, Asafa is mentally weak, he needs to work on that, he lost the race but could have held on for at least the silver instead he gave up

  3. Hmmm… there’s so much I could say about this but I wont. Like Portia said, "Doan draw mi tongue!!!"
    I’m so disappointed, I even know the guy. Guess thats why I will save my comments.

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