Seirei no Moribito – Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Another new anime that stared spring which is among my top five new animes for the season. Firstly this anime is not for the action, action, action junkies who can’t go 10 minutes without something flashing on the screen, whether it be a bullet, sword or ninjitsu technique. Seirei no Moribito is loads of adventure and fantasy with a hint of action. The plot summary from Anime News Network states – Balsa the spearwoman is a wandering warrior, who takes on the task of saving lives, in atonement for a past sin. On her journey, she happens to save a prince, and is tasked with becoming his bodyguard. And he is going to need one, for his own father, the emperor, wants him dead.” The story isn’t deep on the outside but as this anime goes on the simple plot is being developed upon and the story gets better with each episode.


I’ve seen 8 episodes so far and apart from being a little chatter heavy at times I really like it. The quality is excellent and the various characters draw you into the story. I think I said this before but I hate how anime girl/female characters are almost always super cute, weak or stupid, but the main character in Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is named Balsa and she is one badass spearwhielder but my favourite character is the old shaman and comedian in the series Torogai. Claymore and now Seirei no Moribito are two animes that have really interested me this season but there are a few more I will be posting about in the coming weeks.

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6 thoughts on “Seirei no Moribito – Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

  1. hhhmmmm another anime for me to look into! Kewl, I enjoy ur recommendations :o) currently Im watching several animes, but one in particular has me quite hooked…I feel so late though *giggles* its kewl

  2. There’s something that has been bothering me why aren’t these anime put up for downloading right after they’re license? I mean clearly they should see that there are fans of these anime if they just check anime download site and this goes for many tv series too. From a marketing perspective it’s weird that they license something just so that it can disappear while its being dubbed, the market is hot for the anime now so why not license it and just let fans buy the subbed version at prices similar or a little above itunes prices. I mean I just saw the prices ADV is offering for downloads of its anime and it does seem a little high considering prices offered at itunes. All I’m saying is that people are more attracted to lower prices so its easier to draw a larger crowd and why would I pay $5 an episode when the DVD costs $21 and its more portable, moving from my computer to the laptop is easier?
    Also why license anime these American companies, can’t Asian movie or television companies that make these anime just put them up themselves for sale online? For instance, a series like Naruto, not that well known to people outside of anime downloading but very popular online. When Naruto got license it had to be dubbed from the start but what about the online fans who up to the episodes that aired lately in Japan and may want to watch it in its preserved state (subbed), while not get in trouble with copyright laws. Isn’t it possible to download directly from these television stations (subbed version of course)? Why can’t they just sell the episodes to fans of the shows?
    When I go to a bittorent site shows that are popular are usually available for download a day or 2 after the show aired, to me that just shows the demand is available and I wonder how come these networks that are putting so much effort into prosecuting people while leaving the downloading sites and technologies intact, aren’t capitalizing on this demand? Why limit yourself to television and DVDs when the Internet is so ripe.
    Can you imagine what would have or more, what wouldn’t have happened if Napster didn’t come around? I see the music industries losses with Napster as R&D expenditures which they are now reaping the benefits of. The same can be said for all media industries the reason why they are losing money is because they haven’t caught up to the times, people want their entertainment faster than before, they want to own it. I don’t know if anyone noticed but the Internet is a big library/store/whatever else but why punish people for obtaining media in this library, if you have it they will get it from you, if not they’ll obtain it elsewhere. I’m an avid follower of the law as are most people but when it comes to entertainment things change, DVDs of movies premiering today can be gotten tomorrow, albeit illegally. It just doesn’t make sense for me to wait for a movie for 1-3 months paying $20 while I can get it for $5 a little off on the quality but still good enough for its purpose a once or two times watching.
    The medium of the movie theater has to change, I mean how long has theaters been around 50- 60 years ? Movie companies make a lot off of theaters but still the are a large amount of people who don’t go to theaters but still want to watch their movies in a timely fashion. I mean don’t completely get rid of the theater but it does need to be phased out. The fact that people buy movies on the road just means that once again someone did the R&D for these movie companies; conclusion quicker product release + reduced prices = more customers. And the fact of the matter is is that most or maybe just me, is that you only want to watch a movie once because its just some much crap that is being put out that its hard to stand it but everyone still wants to be part of popular culture so they watch it.
    In conclusion, yes I am wrapping this up, I think or hope that anime and all forms of media will become available to fans in a legal, quick, affordable fashion, that is all I want. I wish I had the power to create these changes but the fact is I don’t. These industries should realize that its pointless to try to stop a raging river when all they have to do is to redirect its flow.
    Also if there is someone to who do have the power to make changes please send this or write to them yourself.


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