One of my laziest days in a very long while

Lately I have been super busy, all day everyday, with work school and other matters. Today I decided I was going to be the lazy bum that I miss and I happy to report that I was as lazy as ever. I ate, I slept, I ate again, I watched TV, I slept, I watched anime, I listened to music, I transformed into a 9 year old and idled with my sister, then I ate some more. Now watching videos on youtube and chatting to a friend online who is known as a legend in the world of idleness, who showed me a hilarious flash movie.

Check out a final fantasy 7 mock battle video by some persons idler than my self

This not-so-idle video of a very skilled artist drawing and animating King Leonidas of my favourite movie so far this year 300 is the coolest I’ve watched all night

ooh well lazy day is over, it’s after 10pm and I got work bright and early tomorrow, better get my things in order and catch some ZZZs.