Claymore – a Silver Eyed Witch Festival

Firstly I don’t care what anybody wants to say, Claymore is the best new anime of the season so far, I know this because I have watched at least one episode of just about every last one. None has the effect on me that Claymore is having so far, there are a few more other than Claymore worth checking out, but Claymore is the best.


I’ve never read much less heard of the manga version of this anime before tentatively going through the first episode of this anime a few weeks ago. I thought that the medieval monster/demon slewing was old and outdated, I started to dislike it even more before watching an episode properly even more when I realized from the intro that the main characters would be beautiful fighting females, the first thing that came to me was that this would end up being sexual in some way or the other. I am glad I was proven wrong and from the first grape juice (Yoma blood) drenched scene I knew that there was something about this series. 7 episodes later and counting I look forward to Wednesday nights to get my Claymore fix. I will not be going into any details on the happenings of the anime just yet. Just know that it is highly recommended and worth at least a trail watch, and after watching the action backed, road splitting girl against girl action I just enjoyed in episode 7 you will be unable to manage the one week wait between episodes.

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10 thoughts on “Claymore – a Silver Eyed Witch Festival

  1. yknow.. you should really be doing this on animesynergy it’ld be seen by more people :p and your name would riegn souverign through the internet as darkdragon and darkchild are becoming popular as anime criqitue authors..

    relative to claymore I like teressa alot.. more than clare

  2. I’ve been a Claymore Addict since the first manga came out about a year or so ago. I’ve read each as soon as I could get my hands on them. When I found out about the anime I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as the manga. The good thing is the content is the exact same; then add the colors, action, emotions, and personalities it is absolutly amazing. I’ve seen 1-19 and it’s diving me crazy that I haven’t been able to watch 20 yet.
    Also I was at Otakon in balitmore this past july and they were showing ep 1-4 of claymore the room was so packed it was standing room only.
    The quility of the art is 10x better then most commonly popular anime. The second I have the money I’m buying as many of the DVD’s I can get a hold of. Also I’m desining a Claymore cosplay costume… Metal armor and all. The biggest issue for me is picking which silver-eyed witch to go as. Because each one has a differant symbol, and assesories like bracers and shoe styles. Every little thing matters.

  3. yeah the 7th episode was 2-5 versus teresa of the faint smile, correct me if im wrong , but heck all the action scenes was insanely great, & more greater is that powerful yoma first appeared as a claymore rookie. well, heck the censors i definitely like this blog of yours.. : )

  4. This anime is really the best one I have ever seen. I liked it so much that I’ve actually read the manga too although I’m not really into manga in general.Can’t wait for new chapters of the manga to come out.Would have loved it if there were a second season of the anime but it seems that there aren’t too many chances of that happening:-<

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