Anime to the Brain

It seems that lately anime has been my main saviour from boredom. Nothing seems to be hitting the entertainment spot for me as late for various reasons, My computer is in need of a serious overall and various hardware upgrades so I am unable to play any of the newer hardware intensive games that have been coming out so I have been playing over old favourites and trying my hands at various free online MMOs, non of which has held my interest for very long. My new room is completed but I am missing a very important piece of equipment no young man’s room should be without – a Television, so that means I either do without or duke it out with my 9 year old sister for the remote, all she watches is the Suite Life of Zack and Codey, Thats so Raven and other Disney channel crap pre-teen crap, I ham saving up for a tech buying frenzy this summer and guess whats first on the list?. I do get a console gaming fix once or twice a week at the Area 51 game arcade killing or being killed by my friends in Gears of War which is all the rage at the shop now.

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I am always been an anime fan but with life getting hectic at times, a business I am trying to get started on the side of my 9-5 day job for the government I have not really been keeping up with stuff for the last year or two, I have been watching most of the popular series but the satisfaction of searching through the hundreds of available anime series and movies to find something that is not very popular and too commercialized that is right for me has been missing for some time – but I am happy to report that this is not the case anymore.

For the last couple months I have been back on the anime train and it seems that I hopped back on just at the right time when quite a few series are making their debut for spring. Some that I have missed from last year like Kiba and Deathnote I have to be playing catch-up with but I don’t mind because I like having lots of anime to watch and not having to wait week after week for a new episode to be released. So now I have a mixture of each, lots of backed up episodes of overlooked anime to watch, plus a steady flow of weekly updated new series that are fresh interesting that I can look forward to. I watch anime everyday now but I have now named Thursday nights my special night for nothing but anime. I will be blogging about all the anime I have been watching and will be watching for the next couple days weeks and months, so prepare for a lot more anime updates that just the few posts I have right now related to Naruto.

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It’s not all fun alone though when I think about it, watching lots of Japanese anime will help me in practicing my japanese language skills and teach me new words and phrases :D