My Friend and Aspiring Model Latoya

She is beautiful, she is smart and she held me at nipple point (not that I mind) and asked me to do whatever I need to help promote her career. She is my co-worker and very good friend who passes by my cubicle every now and again to help keep me from dying of boredom. The occasional lunch break with her is always fun although she always cussing me out for not seeing her more often. Due to contractual fine print on her part and with multiple offers from agencies coming in I can’t say yet who she is signed to (yet) but I see her going places in the future so keep your eye out for this beautiful face.


A little eye candy every now and again on my site wouldn’t hurt and all, besides I do like robots but I dont think they are sexy. I think she is though!


19 thoughts on “My Friend and Aspiring Model Latoya

  1. Tell her to work on her body language.
    It’s one of the hardest things an amateur model has to learn.

    Once they can present the mood photographer wants the rest should be easy.

  2. liked the first photo the best. not bad. agree with cyberstike very much though. work on that body language.. she got a frame that can make it as a model though.

    You missed a few things that are important in model promotion (did this same thing you doing for a friend back in the day)

    height, weight, vital stats.. the really important information.. co-worker n so cool but thats what really matters to da scouts

    your welcome.

  3. Ok Kudos to her and best wishes … now you Mr Jampan .. a hope all thgose things you had to say has been said to her ..especialy her being able to make your day and she looking sexy … cause saying it here nah go wuk!!! and it look like she has a likkle spot for you based on your words

  4. come on uncle bobby, you grew me up better than that…of course all those things have been said to her and she is aware of this post. We are good friends but our friendship is kinda "technical" for lack of a better explanation.

  5. @ bobby…I shall have my revenge!!!!

    @ Felix lol….she is a pure bred Jamaica :P

    The second picture is my favourite, I thing she has a wonderful shape

  6. I like the second picture best, from a man-oid point of view. But you didn’t say if she was a pure bred Jamaican or Jamaipanese. hehe!

  7. Nice. Please introduce me! She’s got the typical black model look. Blemish free skin, short hair, slender build. Should hit it big.

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