Japan – $317.25 a week for food

Saw this post on a popular blog that I am subscribed to and the post asks “Ever wondered how you rank with the rest of the world in the amount of money you spend on food in a week?”. I’ve wondered a lot and with a little consultation with my mom I realized compared to the rest of the world we here in Jamaica spend less on food.

How Much it cost to feed the members of my Household?

There are two adults (me and my mom) and two children (my 9 year old sister and a recent addition my 2 year old nephew) in my house and on average we spend a little over JA$5000 a week on food that works out to roughly us$75! I even factored in the occasional visiting relative and sleepovers.

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What About Japan

Japan – $317.25 a week for food

See the full list which includes countries like Germany, Italy, Poland, China and more at everybodygoto.com.

How much does your household spend a week on food?

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9 thoughts on “Japan – $317.25 a week for food

  1. @ Shonari…..rofl…garbage truck eh??? liar!

    @ Volt…why didn’t you say you were Jamaican earlier….greetings brother ^_^

    @ Gordon…yup and they keep getting fatter…feeding on all that cheap food

  2. I can only estimate, but back home I imagine it was somewhere around JA$3000 between my mom and me. Before that when my household was bigger (with siblings, etc.), I have no idea. Now it’s probably around… US$150 or so for just myself in uni (calculated roughly from my meal plan of US$3,560/year).

    It’s funny, because you just made me realize that whenever I’m in Jamaica, I always think $3000 is a lot when cashing out at the supermarket, but really that’s like US$40, which doesn’t seem too bad.

    And it sucks now when I think of all the money I could be saving now by not getting a meal plan.

  3. When you say food do you mean like grocery items that is for home or including food like fast food at lunch and snacks during work as well?

  4. I mean like a weekly shopping list complete with breakfast, lunch (if you carry lunch to work) dinner, snacks and general food expenses related to home and grocery buying

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