Two words that describe me – Japanophile and Otaku

Anime, video games and technology are some of my main interests and that naturally led me to become interested in Japan because those interests are synonymous with the country. Other interests such as history, geography and literature has made me explore Japan futher and has even more intrigued. The language is interesting but hard and I have had nothing but great experiences talking to the few Japanese people I know but there is so much left to experience and explore and I am very excited about doing just that.


A Japanophile is a non-Japanese person with a strong interest in one or more aspects of Japan or Japanese culture. The word describes individuals who fall into one or more of the following categories:

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* Scholars on the History of Japan
* Students of the Japanese language
* Scholars on the Sociology of Japan
* Fans of a particular aspect of Japanese culture

Otaku is a Japanese pejorative term used to refer to a variety of geek particularly one obsessed with computers, or anime and manga.

Being crazy about Japan is one thing, but I would never give up my home land of Jamaica, which has it’s problems, but which country doesn’t?


9 thoughts on “Two words that describe me – Japanophile and Otaku

  1. Hi there!
    I’m in England studying Japanese too!
    My boyfriend is such an otaku. I had to ask him about 100 times before he removed the picture of an anime girl from his wallet and replace it with one of me!!

    Nice blog, I’m glad I found it!

  2. wow, I share your interests jamaipanese, wish I could be able to make a cool blog/ journal thing like you have here

  3. I dont have time to stay here, but your topic highly interesting, i’ll come back later.

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