Yokoso! Japan Weeks January 20 – February 28 2007 – includes free tour of Akihabara

The period from January 20 through February 28, 2007 is designated as Yokoso! Japan Weeks. A variety of unique events will be held throughout the nation, including programs that welcome foreign visitors at large recreational facilities. There will also be special discounts to make your shopping even more enjoyable, and special prices offered by onsen hot springs across Japan. In addition, special linguistic support services will be provided to facilitate communication with locals.

Japan’s tourist attractions will offer you utmost hospitality with full-scale effort. We urge those – whether you have or have not visited Japan – to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Akihabara Overview

Akihabara is world-famous Electric Town among both Japanese and foreign travellers as the place to go shopping at hundreds of electric stores selling home electric products and digital appliances. Also, there are many duty-free shops where you can buy overseas standard products.

Recently, Akihabara has gained widespread recognition as the center of Japanese pop culture such as manga, anime and cosplay.

Moreover, Akihabara Advanced Knowledge Field (4th floor of the UDX building, Akihabara Cross Field) links the ongoing life and industry with cutting edge technologies and know-how in the state-of-the-art showrooms that create a neo-futuristic lifestyle.

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