Guardian of the Sacred Spirit Review

Guardian of the Sacred Spirit (Seirei no Moribito) is finally reached it’s end and I thoroughly enjoyed the 26 episode long series that started back in the Spring of this year. Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is a beautifully animated anime in the fantasy, adventure genre that follows the adventure of Prince Chagum and Balsa the Spearwoman as she tries to protect the prince from first his father, then the warriors sent by his father to retrieve him and then from vicious ghostlike egg eater s from another world.


The story of Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is refreshing, and the environment in which the story is told is believable and immersive. A small cast of characters are all developed over the course of the anime with special emphasis on the main characters Balsa and Chagum. The anime is not very action packed but the little action there is well executed and heightened by excellent music and sound effects.


The later episodes of the series does well to close off the anime without leaving too many loose ends while at the same time offering just enough to fans like me to hold unto in the hope there will be a new season or continuation sometime in the distant future. Balsa is an excellent character that does well to stand out in a world of mostly useless female anime characters. The flashback arc which introduces us to Jiguro was my favourite section and he overtook Shaman Torogai as my favourite character in the series…the dude just looks and fights like badass!


Guardian of the Sacred Spirit is highly recommended for fans of anime with great story, character development and excellent artwork and animation.