zOMG! I haven’t blogged for 3 days!

Three days ain’t that bad… or is it? I spent the weekend idling, watching anime, dreaming and plotting the demise of all the stupid people in the world.

I’ve been dreaming about Christmas and all the “toys” that come along with the season, unfortunately for me I’ll have to buy my own gifts so I’ve been busy dreaming about a new cam, an iPod Touch, a laptop, a new cellphone and a high end gaming PC. Feed free to by me anyone of these ^_^.

Link loving and Appreciation

Gordon has giving me his award for Blog of the Year! I am honoured and grateful, it’s always good to hear positive feedback about my site. Special shout out to Leon who was also mentioned by Gordon as a great blog, although Leon’s latest post about Professor Dumbledore from Harry Potter is a little…um…disturbing -_-. Taylor recently went on a photo expedition and returned with some great pictures, I look forward to him helping me to sharpen my photo capturing skills once I manage to grab that Sony Cybershot DSC-H9 he recommended next month. I wonder if Stunner has gotten his money back from that gas station as yet? and Kurt has volunteered to be my accountability partner in my struggle with procrastination. David’s blog although it might not be interesting to everyone always has great well written posts about marketing and business strategies.

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Now back to the Tech Dreams.

HP (my favourite computer retailer) is hell bent on driving me crazy especially with the release of the new Blackbird 002, I want one so badly but it costs as much as a car! Alienware has always teased me with their high end PCs, now if only I could con someone into buying me an Aurora 7500. But Wait there is more…Dell although at the lower end of the high end scale released the new XPS 420 recently, it’s not that bad either, but still a pretty penny.

HP Black Bird 002

Whats going on in the Gaming World?

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The E for all Expo has just been completed, apart from the Smash Bros Brawl related info I have yet to really get into all the new happenings coming from this latest gaming expo. Street Fighter IV has been announced by Capcom in England (of all the places ^_^) and that news was accompanied by a one of the best announcement trailers evar! I am still playing a little Heavenly Sword every chance I get and I also started to play Bioshock which is a game that had me throwing away the controller and running back to the safety of multiplayer gaming with Gears of War and my friends….it’s scary!


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  1. @ Fintastic, it’s scarey…especially on a 42" plasma screen

    @ Leon…you’re welcome….bad disturbing, i like wizards…first gandalf, now this…-_-…i should change classes, prolly a Monk!

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