Japanese Fashion Influenced by Crime

Fool pursuing robbers by disguising yourself as a soda machine, that’s just one of the various “ideas” being developed by designers in Japan. The Japanese people are afraid of crime and although living in a country where crime is actually declining they are always brainstorming ways to keep their themselves and their families safe.

Image source – NY Times

So if a soda machine camouflage is not your style why not try the “manhole bag” that when dropped unfolds to look like a manhole cover, I posted about manhole covers in Japan a few days ago, I wonder if any of them were manhole bag prototypes.

Anti Crime Fashion for Children

Protect your children with knife proof body armour, read up on how to dress them as thugs to ward off bullies and ensure they wear a special backpack that you can track their every movement and also be notified when they leave the school compound.

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The Inventive Japanese

Japanese people are always inventing new things and improving on existing products and technology, at first I took this article in jest and didn’t think long on the topic but I sense a post on the inventive nature of the Japanese people coming on in the future.

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