X-Seed 4000 – This building this is possible

The Shimizu Mega City is just one of the many buildings completely planned out for Japan and only waiting on the materials, funding and technology to be able to bring them to fruition. One other such project is the X-Seed 4000, at 13,123 feet high, the massive, mountain-shaped building envisioned by Japan’s Taisei Construction Company would overshadow Mount Fuji itself by nearly 700 feet.


Can it be built?

Experience has taught to “never say never”, lunar exploration was thought to be impossible only a hundred years ago and from the looks of it we are not far away from setting foot on Mars. Japan is rich, technologically advanced, disciplined and has a small hint of insanity (the good type).

About Taisei Construction Company

Taisei Corporation is a leading Japanese architect-engineer-contractor, with four core areas of operation: building construction, civil engineering, real estate development, and engineering. Over the 128 years since its establishment, Taisei Corporation has undertaken many notable projects in Japan and overseas. Their corporate roots coincided with Japan’s development as a modern nation, and they have continuously met the demands of a changing era, as well as people’s aspirations for the future through sound construction operations.

[ Via – inventorspot and inhabitat ]