Otaku – they come in all shapes and sizes

There are lots of fans of Japan in the world, we geeks dont have hide in our basements or hide or “otakuness” to remain cool anymore. In fact, lately we have been in demand now many consider us “cool”. Whether you are an Otaku or not you have to tip your hat, helmet or any other cranial protection device you might be wearing to this “lil fellow”.


An Otaku expression caught on camera has never looked cooler, check out the flag he is wearing. I dont know much about this picture other than it was taken in Brazil in 2005; I found it through my stumbleupon toolbar. All rights belong to the source, which can be found here.

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8 thoughts on “Otaku – they come in all shapes and sizes

  1. He said NOOOO, because he got shot, therefore there’s a puddle of blood showing in his shirt! j/k nice picture =). And I know that shirt symbolizes Japan.

  2. Lo que mas pena me da es que nosotros los Occidentales no queramos acojer más la cultura Nipón, coñe que quiero ser 100% OTAKU


    Spain>Otaku<Spain [japan] [Spain]

    1. I’ll be doing a first impressions post after the first 2 or so episodes, so hold on a little before posting it and post your comment on that post.

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