Frozen baby mammoth headed to Japan

Imagine this, You are a reindeer herder, it’s the middle of May and you are going about your reindeer herding business in your permanently frozen homeland in north western Russia’s Yamal Peninsula and all of a sudden you run into this 10, 000 year old dead Mammoth child, personally being the science fiction freak that I am I’d think that little critter was still alive and poke it a little bit with my Kalashnikova rifle and maybe even squeeze off a couple rounds into the 110 lbs prehistoric critter just to make sure it’s dead ^_^.

Ok stop imaging, what I wrote about actually happened (minus the being alive and AK-47 part) and now preparations are underway to send the baby Mammoth to the Jikei University School of Medicine in Tokyo Japan where researchers will use advanced computed tomography (CT) scanners to obtain three-dimensional images of its internal organs.

Will I look this cute after being dead for 10, 000 years?

[Via – Pink Tentacle]

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5 thoughts on “Frozen baby mammoth headed to Japan

  1. I doubt you will look quite as cute, unless you get frozen by chance but I don’t think thats too likely. ;)

  2. I wonder if it’s DNA is still intact, if so it could be possible to implant it into an elephant and have a clone – ocne the technology for that has improoved. Normally DNA breaks down before 10,000 years though :(

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