E3 2007, changes made but my excitement remains the same

The 2007 Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held on July 11-13, 2007 in Santa Monica, California where a number of hotels and the Barker Hangar will host press conferences and the main expo. I am really looking forward to see the changes at this years event as well as well as the press conferences from the big three in the console market and news from major third party game publishers like EA, Sega , Activision and Ubisoft.


There are so many games I am looking forward to seeing that my brain is overloaded with titles just thinking about it, but if I had to choose a couple I would have to choose Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty 4 and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption as my most anticipated titles but trust me there are many others I am looking forward to seeing as I am almost positive that I will be picking up a next-gen console or two this coming christmas. I am mostly depending on Game Trailers and Gamespot for my updates and I will be posting my thoughts on the expo when it’s done but if something excites the hell out of me you can be sure you will see it posted as soon as I lay eyes on it. ^_^

To wet your appetites and get you as excited about E3 this year check out gametrailers.com’s 10 most anticipated games of E3 2007.

The E for All Expo is expected to be the successor to the consumer targeted E3 of years past and I am really looking forward to it in October which I think is the perfect month for a Electronic gaming expo.

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