Zombie Loan – First Impressions

I watched the first episode of Zombie Loan not too long ago, after looking though previews for anime premiering this summer I noted it is as one I’d be interested in. Claymore and Seirei no Moribito has been my favourites of the anime that debuted in spring. The plot evolves around Kita Michiru who has an unusual gift (which is a curse in my eyes), she posses “Shinigami eyes,” which allow her to see dark rings around persons necks that are about to die or should be dead already. Michiru realizes that two of the boys in her school, Akatsuki Chika and Tachibana Shito both have rings around their necks which are pitch black (indicating that they have died or should be dead). She realizes that they have made a deal with a “Zombie Loan Office” which turns them into Zombie killing bounty hunters who need the help of her special (cursed -_-) eyes so they may be able to find targets easier.


My first impressions are somewhat neutral so far, the intro and closing music is barely par and the first half of this episode was like a mixture of Sailor Moon and Samurai Shamploo with bright shiny sprinkles on top. If the first episode is anything to go by I will hate Michiru because she seems to suffer from the dumb/weak/extra pretty/useless anime girl syndrome (*random interjection* I love you Teressa *end random interjection*) . The other two main characters and Zombie Loan recipients Chika and Shito (yes shit-o!) are acceptable so far both seeming to have opposite personalities (hence my Samurai Champloo comparison – Jin and Mugen). So far although I have only seen very little of him Bekkou seems like a cool guy. I’ve never read the manga so I will be watching a few more episodes to see what more is in store so you can look forward to future posts on Zombie Loan.