Nintendo E3 2007 press conference

Yes! Thats what I shouted every few minutes while watching Nintendo’s E3 conference streamed live over the internet. I’m happy to say that I get news from all the video games I am looking forward to from Nintendo – Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros Brawl, MarioKart, Super Mario Galaxy. They also revealed a couple new games and talked about how Nintendo is achieving their goal of expanding the market and are the market leadings in handhelds and will soon be the leaders in consoles if current trends continue.


Shigeru Miyamoto came on to show off a new game (Wiifit) I could care less about that game but I listened keenly and could pick up and understand a little of is Japanese (with my limited vocabulary) just before it was translated ^_^.

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Great E3 so far, now waiting on Sony’s press conference which should start in a couple minutes. My E3 recap post will come soon after is has finished and all numb feeling in my brain from all this gaming news has passed.

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  1. Haha well Nintendo is the worst. Sony has some good advancements, but the PS3 needs to be below $300 to be in competition with the Wii. Even though I dislike the Wii.

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