Claymore Anime Review

Let me start this review by stating that I am grossly upset at the way the claymore anime ended, but more on that later.

About Claymore

The anime takes place in a fictional world with a medieval, primitive setting. The human inhabitants of this world are constantly attacked by demon-like creatures called Youma who feed on their internal organs with special preference for their intestines. A secret organization was created to fight these creatures and protect humans. This organization creates special warriors by infusing the the flesh and blood of these monsters into the body of humans. This fusion creates warriors who share the superhuman strength and other powers of the vile, evil youma. The warriors of this unnamed organization are called Claymores, because of the large medieval blades they wield without much effort because of their special powers. Long ago Claymore warriors were all male but due to reasons explained in the anime it was decided that females were better suited to become the warriors for the organization. Claymores all hand blonde hair, wear special armour, carry a large sword and have silver eyes which turn gold while fighting and using their special abilities.


The Main Plot

The main character in the series is Clare, a young warrior who turns out to be the weakest of all the current warriors. The series follows her run in with the most powerful Claymore ever created by the organization, the events leading up to the death of this powerful claymore and Clare’s quest for vengeance. Throughout the story a myriad of new claymores, monsters and other characters play various roles and with a commendable animation and sound (especially the intro) Claymore is a highly recommended series for all fans of anime.

Claymore Anime Review, beware of spoilers

Personally the anime ended at episode 23 for me right after the death of the silver eyes lion king, everything after that should be flushed down the toilet. The early episodes were ripe with action and ensures that anyone who decided to watch this anime would never be able to stop. The middle episodes slow down a little to focus more on story telling while to wards the end it peeks then falls flat on its face but failing to break out of the Shōnen norms of super (sometimes multiple) transformations, a heavy dose of eye water and a crappy David vs Goliath slingshot to the forehead victory.

There are quite a few memorable characters from the series, standouts include, Miria and Jean while one example of a character who served no purpose at all is Easley. Maybe my reading of the manga (which is still ongoing) has flawed my appreciated of the animated spin-off but I really would have wished if the original story and direction of the anime was the same as the manga.

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